Barn Staff

Serving at Meadowview Stables as a summer wrangler is an awesome opportunity for blessing and impacting campers of all ages through our equestrian program.  The joy of children’s first hands on experience, the excitement of achievement in the youth camps, and the appreciation of adults for a safety focused, caring and nurturing environment for the horses as well as the campers are all a part of the experience here at Camp Hebron.

Benefits of working at Meadowview Stables:

  • Attend a CHA certification clinic at the start of summer

  • Work in a program that uses solid CHA theory

  • Gain experience teaching in multiple levels

  • Lesson feedback from a CHA Master Instructor

  • Work with quality lesson horses

  • Responsibilities limited to lessons and horsemanship activities

  • Clear responsibilities in a highly organized program

  • Gain commercial trail guiding experience

  • Spiritual rejuvenation at a camp that cares for it’s staff


Lead Wrangler

  1. A highly experienced individual

  2. Can take the lead in organizing and overseeing new staff and volunteers

  3. Can orchestrate preparations and operations of

    • Ground, theory and mounted lessons

    • Trail rides, and

    • General horse care


  1. Experienced in horsemanship

  2. Assists full time staff or Lead Wrangler in the operations and activities of the stables

  3. Takes the lead of their own wrangler group and teaches prepared lessons

  4. Oversees volunteers and incorporates their efforts following safety guidelines and procedures

Jr. Wrangler

  1. 17+ years old, wrangler-in-training or student who is seeking experience in working toward being a summer wrangler

  2. Involved in all WIT duties

  3. Shadow wranglers and be a part of planning and leading lessons as able

WIT (Wrangler-in-Training)

  1. 13+ years old

  2. Desire to volunteer at the stables in summer and throughout the year, potentially leading toward a position as a wrangler

  3. Responsible to follow procedures as laid out in the Wrangler Manual

  4. Essential duties include assistance with

    • Feedings

    • General chores

    • Trail or lesson preparations

    • Trail leading

    • Demos

    • Arena help during lessons