Where is Camp Hebron?


How long would I be working?

Working on summer staff at Camp Hebron is a minimum of an 8 week commitment. There is one week of orientation and seven weeks of camps.

How old do I need to be to work at camp?

Generally, we require full-time summer staff members to be 18+. However, 17 year olds may be considered for several positions— Counselors-in-Training, Kitchen Assistants, and Lifeguards. We also have a Staff-in-Training program for 15-17 year olds.

Will you pay me?

“Absolutely! Full-time summer staff members will receive a weekly stipend of $150-$200, depending on their position at camp.  Pay is done by direct deposit into your bank account two times a month.”

What will I eat? Where will I sleep?

All of your meals and lodging are provided while you’re at camp! Staff members will be able to eat meals at one of our two dining halls (Breezewood or Sylvan View), depending on which camp you are assigned to each week. During the week, most staff members will sleep in cabins or shelters with campers. However, on weekends, staff members will be lodged with same gender staffers in Hillside Villa and Fern Glade Cottage.

what will i eat if i have dietary restrictions?

Our kitchen staff is happy to accommodate your dietary needs, just let us know before coming to camp!

Do I have time off?

Every summer staff is guaranteed 1 ½ days off per week.  Campers arrive on Sunday afternoons and leave Friday evenings. Most staff will have off after staff meetings on Friday night until Sunday around noon.  Exceptions may be for Lifeguards or Wranglers who may have to work on a Saturday to accommodate weekend guests.  In that case, you would have a different day off during the week.

When can I do my laundry?

On Friday nights the staff go together to a local laundromat. While laundry isn’t the most fun chore, the laundromat experience is!  It’s a great time to catch up with staff assigned to other camps during the week, grab snacks at Sheetz and play games.  You’ll be responsible for paying for your own laundry so bring cash ($5-$20 bills) – you will buy a laundry card the first time you go and add as needed from there. 

Will I have access to technology while I'm at camp?

Yes, but on a limited basis. We ask that our staff are fully present and invested during their time at camp. Therefore, staff members only use their technology during their time off, usually weekends. All technology will be safely stored away in the Program Manager’s office during the week.  Prepare ahead of your arrival to take care of school, medical and other tech-based responsibilities. 

What if I already know about a scheduling conflict, should I still apply?

Yes!  Let’s have a conversation regarding your schedule in the interview process. Please, don’t discount a summer of ministry because you have a wedding to go to!  We prefer a full summer (8 weeks) commitment but will consider your request.  We can be somewhat flexible with prior commitments her. We will consider week-long absences too but please do what you can to make a request fall within a Sunday-Saturday timeframe. We end early in August, so if planning a family vacation in August is possible that will help you have a full camp experience.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Yes, April 30th. However, we may still receive applications afterward, based on position availability. We begin the interview process as early as October, so apply today!

I want to help with the adventure activities! Do I have to have prior training?

Nope! Prior experience is helpful but not necessary. We offer several extra days of training before camp begins (early June) for staff members interested in learning some adventure skills. We will train you in belaying, canoeing, and some team-building activities. Come ready to learn and we’re willing to teach you!

Will I have the opportunity to gain any professional certifications?

Potentially.  We like our staff to have up-to-date First Aid / CPR certifications. A certification course may be offered during pre-summer training.  We offer a Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course that you are welcome to participate in.  Depending on your availability to fill in as a lifeguard, we may compensate or greatly reduce the cost to you for certification.  If you are hired as a full-summer lifeguard we will fully cover the cost of your certification.  Summer Wranglers will be enrolled in our Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Riding Instructor Clinic which typically takes place the first week of June.

I need to do an internship, can you help?

Yes!  We are happy to work with you to satisfy your internship requirements.  You will need to do the majority of the details (figure out your requirements, communicate with your school / advisor, track your own hours, fill out paperwork as required, etc.)  If there is a way to have your internship satisfied by serving at Camp Hebron, we’re all in.

as a counselor, what will i do during the week?

Great question! Counselors serve in diverse ways throughout the summer and every week is different! You may have the opportunity to serve campers in an age-specific cabin, horse or specialty camp; day trips in Adventure Camp; serving adults with special needs in Shalom Camp or hanging out with Family Camp. Counselors receive a well-rounded experience throughout the summer, equipping you to work with people of all different ages and interests (here is more information on the people we serve).

If I don't want to be a camp counselor, is there still a position for me at camp?

Certainly! Counselors make up about half of our summer staff. We need a lot of other people to make camp run. Check out the Positions page to find a position which may be a good fit for you!

How might I be able to grow while working at camp?

We say, “Camp is for the kids!” But, camp is also for YOU!  You will no doubt get tired and weak and that is when dependence on Jesus is most tangible and real.  We desire to invest in our summer staff and be intentional about discipleship, to grow emotionally and professionally, and to feel connected relationally. Our hope is that you will be known, loved, challenged, and encouraged in your relationship with Christ this summer of ministry here at Camp Hebron.