These roles consist of direct interaction with campers; you have incredible influence on the experiences of a camper. You’ll be in the thick of it with the campers and are an essential piece of discipleship in their young lives.  Your main role is to build relationships with the campers– create a safe space for them, listen to them and help them see that they are loved.  It’s transformational for both you and the camper!  You’ll have opportunities to lead Bible studies from the curriculum, navigate questions of life and faith, and learn to depend on the Lord for daily energy.  You’ll be assigned to a variety of camps – shelter, cabin or family camp.  Impact eternity this summer!



  1. Minimum age 18

  2. Hang with and supervise campers

  3. Disciple, teach, mentor, lead Bible and prayer times

  4. Listening and asking campers questions to get to know them

  5. Participating enthusiastically in all activities with your campers

cit (Counselor-in-training)

  1. Minimum age 17

  2. Helps you prepare for being a counselor by partnering with a counselor in camper care responsibilities.

  3. Assist or lead age groups in Family Camps

  4. Support Counselor as 2nd staff in a cabin (1-2 weeks)

  5. Other duties assigned as needed (i.e. Day Camp Counselor, work projects, etc.)

day camp counselor

  1. Minimum age 16

  2. Living on-site not mandatory

  3. Assist Day Camp Director as asked

  4. Lead activities for campers

  5. Assist and lead Bible lessons from curriculum

  6. Play with campers!