As you explore the positions we have, here are some aspects of the experience that apply to everyone serving on our summer staff team. In most cases, the minimum age for positions is 18+, we do have a few positions for 17-year-olds. Orientation week draws us together in relationship and purpose as we begin to understand roles and responsibilities. Additional training opportunities begin as early as June 1st.  Following orientation week are 7 camper weeks filled with a variety of camps throughout the summer. They include Cabin Camps, Day Camps, Horse Camps, Adventure Camps, Family Camps, and specialty weeks (nature, sports, special needs, the arts).  Get pumped for a summer of growing, learning and experiencing God working in and through you!

Here are the key components we are looking for in potential staff:

  1. Love Jesus and understand He loves you

  2. Desire to serve and have a teachable attitude

  3. Willing to invest and build into community

  4. A love for children

Important Dates and information for the summer 2019 schedule (see also Faq Page)

  1. June 7-9, 2019: Optional lifeguard certification

  2. June 9-14, 2019: CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Riding Instructor mandatory for wranglers

  3. June 10, 2019: Curriculum training (mandatory for Counselor/CIT)

  4. June 11-14, 2019: Optional adventure training for staff age 18+ (strongly recommended for Counselor and advance team)

  5. June 16-21, 2019: Orientation week is mandatory

  6. Each week kicks off Sunday at 1:00pm with a staff gathering

  7. Each week concludes by 8:30 pm Friday with a weekly celebration

  8. August 9-11, 2019: Summer celebration and debrief for all staff mandatory

  9. August 11-16+, 2019: Wrangler, Lifeguard, and Day Camp extended contracts