Advance Team

If you know and love camp ministry deeply and want to challenge yourself to new heights and have a heart to see your peers deepen their faith, consider one of these roles.  Be an ambassador for the vision and implementation of sharing the gospel with campers all summer.  Stretch your creativity and energy output as you lead and serve the staff through the highs and lows of an intense and epic summer.

summer program directors
program director's assistant
day camp director


  1. Assist Program Director in leading summer staff

  2. Lead activities for your campers (set up, explain, tear down)

  3. Supervise and disciple counselors

  4. Finalize pre-made camper week schedules and implement them

  5. Previously served on summer staff preferred


  1. Effective and organized communication skills

  2. Supervise & resource some support staff roles

  3. Manage camper check-in on Sundays

  4. Oversee summer staff outings, meetings and communications

  5. Assist Program Director

  6. Other programmatic help as needed


  1. Plan and schedule Day Camp activities

  2. Write or edit 9 week age appropriate curriculum

  3. Supervise Day Camp staff & scheduling

  4. Professional communication with parents

  5. Lead activities